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21 Best Must Have WordPress Plugins

WordPress No doubt the most professional and excellent blogging platform. It caters to the needs of everyone from one person blogger to one company and one company to one corporation. WP has become a business and a platform that provides A to Z resources to make your website look the most beautiful on the web. However, you need to take extra care of your overall WordPress content management system, as it is all in your hands and you can do many tasks to make your WP site user friendly and awesome ie security measures, search engine optimization And designing etc. This post will cover all the basic WP functions using the best plugins available for free in the default plugins library. I protect my blog, I am using all these plugins myself to maintain the speed of SEO and my blog. So we will share in-plugin with you to improve your WP site / blog.

Top 20 WordPress Plugins Every Blogger Should Use:

The list of plugins we are sharing has been used by our team for the last 2 years and we keep updating the plugins from time to time. We also use plugins to remove and add when needed, if you have any problems, you can do it yourself. However, the plugins I am sharing on this page are giving fantastic results for me, so you can use them without any fear. In addition, these plugins will cover the following aspects of your WordPress website:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Saved your blog from being hacked
  • Designing your website
  • Customizing Your Website
  • Speed ​​up your site
  • Make your site social
  • Avoid spamming your blog

I will for example refer to the category of plugins with the name of the plugin if any plugin used for SEO will be in bracket (SEO). Now here is a list of plugins one by one.

1. Akmyset (for spam comments)

This plugin is installed by default when you get your WP dashboard, however, you can activate it as soon as possible, it will save your blog from spam comments and save so much of your time. You must first activate it to get a key from the Akismet website and then verify it.

# 2. All in One SEO Pack (SEO)

This plugin covers all your search engine optimization tasks for WordPress websites, you can install it for free, it will set your MeTa tag, description for home page as well as single post. You can also set it according to your needs i.e. if you want to noindex a particular page or you want to change the post frequency or priority for a content. Overall, it will cover most of the SEO for your WP site.

# 3. Arc Secure Login (Security)

This plugin actually hides your password during login in your WP dashboard, most WP sites are hacked using tools to catch the password, and so this plugin would have made it very difficult for hackers to see your password. is.

# 4. Facebook page promoter lightbox (social media)

This plugin is very helpful if you want to increase your Facebook fan page likes / members through your blog / site, this plugin actually shows your FB fan page like a box in a pop up box for new visitors, You can set it from any person. The length of time you want is very useful for sites with less likes in the beginning.

# 5. Google XML Sitemap (SEO) for video

The best plugin to create Video Sitemaps on WordPress, you have to install this plugin. If you have YouTube video embedded in your site, this plugin will make your work super easy. Here’s how to use Google XML Sitemaps for videos.

# 6. Google XML Sitemap (SEO)

Sitemaps for each and everything of your site on WP will be created and sent to search engines by this plugin (Google XML Sitemap), this plugin is already used by millions of webmasters. So use it from the beginning.

# 7. Grammap Anti Spambot Plugin (to avoid spamming)

Spam comments are one of the worst things in WP, most of the time people use your comment form to automatically post their dirty links to spam comments, so you can easily stop it using the above plugin , This will actually add a captcha that is readable by humans only, so no one will be allowed to automatically post spam comments using any bot / software.

# 8. Login lockdown (security)

This plugin actually does a simple job, that is to make sure that no one can try to login multiple times, you can only try to login 1 to 3 times in each IP, so they failed to login, So this plugin will block that IP for a specific time. According to your setting.

# 9. P3 (Plugin Display Profiler) (Display)

This plugin will run a scan and tell you how much memory and speed time each plugin takes while your site is being loaded in the browser, so you can use some complex plugins to make your site load more quickly and faster. Can be removed

# 10. Primary FeedBurner (Email Marketing)

This is an essential plugin that will create your email list for your business, you can just install and activate it and then copy and paste your FeedBurner URL into the box where it is asked, now from the widget area Add this to the sidebar. Your site, visitors will subscribe to your upcoming posts via email.

# 1 1. Change WP-Version (Security)

This simple alters your WordPress version, as most hackers try to find your WP version on the backend and then find bugs in plugins or elsewhere and then attack, so it will change the WP version and not hackers Will be able to find The actual WP version you are currently using.

# 12. Robot Meta (SEO)

If you want to noindex or noflo any links, tags, archives, categories, etc. that create duplicate content then you must use the Robot Meta plugin to do this work.

# 13. TablePress (Designing and Customization)

If you want to use Tables in a WordPress page or post then this plugin is best for you. You can simply create a table and then include it wherever you want.

# 14. W3 Total Cash (fast)

It is one of the plugins, it will speed up your WordPress site and users will see the site much faster while browsing. This will cache everything i.e. database queries, objects, media, images, etc., once they are viewed from the user’s computer, it will not allow the browser to repeatedly request the server and by using this plugin you can load Time will improve on your site from 20% to 40% very easily.

# 15. Wordfence Security

This is another great plugin that looks after all the security factors of your site i.e. plugins, databases, malware attacks and many more, you should always use this plugin to be in a safe place.

# 16. WP (Speed ​​Up)

This is another plugin that speeds up your blog by compressing your images and reducing their size to the appropriate size. You can improve the speed of your blog using this simple plugin.

# 17. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (Relevant Posts)

This plugin is best when you want to show related posts below each post of your blog, it will display related stories with the thumbnails of that post to visitors, this plugin is the best solution if you want to increase your page views. Is for you.

# 18. BackUpWordPress (Backup)

After all your customization, customization and security measures, you still need to have an always ready backup of your site, so whenever something goes wrong, you can easily restore the backup. This plugin works for you.

# 19. Combine CSS (fast)

This plugin will combine all your CSS files into just one, so the browser will only read one file and apply it to the page. This will save a lot of time and increase the page speed.

# 20. Match js (speed up)

This plugin does a simple job of mixing all your JavaScript files into one file, so it makes it easier for the browser to request and render a single file only once.

# 21. Floating social bar (social media sharing)

This plugin is also essential as it will allow visitors to share your posts on major social media networks such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. So you have to install it as well.

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