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Blog Content Copy Protection in WordPress

Copy Protection

No doubt, copying content from other blogs is a very bad practice, but unfortunately, still, some people are doing this exercise to waste their precious time. We are trying to report the websites / blogs that you republished or you can say that I can copy my content and post on their blogs, but we are human, we are on the web Can’t spend hours every day searching for your content, then fill out long forms and submit them to web hosting companies as well as Google or Blogspot, after first reporting hundreds of blogs / sites, we’re finally exhausted We then tried to find a way where everyone could reduce the chance of a violation. Since we are using WordPress, we found some easy solutions to this issue in the size of plugins,Protect your WordPress site / blog content from being copied or violated by others without your permission. Never copy content from other websites.

How to Protect WordPress Blog Content?

As I mentioned above, I have found some very easy solutions for WordPress blogs in the shape of plugins, and let me tell you how you can easily install and install them for copying, At least you can get rid of newbies who only use their mouse to select the article / text and then copy / paste it to their blog, in this way, they make duplicate copies of your content that SEO and Google is too bad for indexing. They may not get the benefit of it in the long run, but it creates some issues for you in terms of SEO.

WordPress plugins for copy protection

I used two plugins for this thing, and both worked fine, but I then selected Better and Simpler, which I’m currently using on this blog, so I’ll tell you that setting, but both Plugins make great work. You can simply find the names of these two plugins in your WP dashboard:

  • WP-Copyright-Protection
  • WP Site Defender 

In fact, you don’t need to do any settings for these plugins, just install them and you’re all done, but for  “WP Site Guard”  , you can do the following settings if you want, but by default , the same:

After making the settings simply ”  Save Changes  Click on”  Add  and you’re working with it. We hope that this blog will help many in resolving this issue. Do not hesitate to ask more questions in the comments section of this blog.

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