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How to do In-depth Keyword Research

Keyword Research tools

Keyword research to know the nature of keywords and upcoming results  is very important. We can use many tools for this purpose, and we can also logically decide which keyword is better for our business or website. In the new SEO training series in Urdu, I have previously shared the introduction video with you, and now this is the second part of the same series, in which we will learn keyword research again. So the more you know, the better it is for you. The keyword for which you are going to optimize your website / article is something that you should know about each and everything, because without doing a proper job, you are good in SERP (search engine result page) Can’t expect to be ranked like that. 

Some of the important five factors of your keyword may be such as the nature of the keyword, the geographic location of the keyword, the estimated monthly searches for the keyword, Competition for the keyword and finally the price or PPC (pay per click) rate that keyword. And we are going to discuss all these factors in this article as well as in the video tutorial you are watching in Urdu on this page.

SEO Keyword Research Tool (Urdu)

We always use some useful tools available for free for a comprehensive keyword research, and the major one is called  “Google Keyword Planner  “, this tool is basically for advertisers who promote their products on the Internet. Use Google ads to deliver. However, as an SEO optimizer, we can take advantage of this for free, and we will use many tools during this tutorial (including Keyword Planner) to research our main keywords. Here is a list of the tools that we will use in this tutorial:

  1. Google Trends   (for graphs of keywords and geographic location)
  2. Google Keyword Planner   (for monthly searches, contests and keyword costs)
  3.   (for keyword suggestions)
  4.   (for keyword ideas)
  5. Keyword revealer   (for keyword insights)

We will use all the above mentioned tools during this video tutorial in Urdu, so that you can understand it very clearly and apply yourself while optimizing your content for search engines. However, before using the above tools you have to watch this video first in Urdu to understand it completely before using it.

So after watching the above tutorial in Urdu, I want to say that you have found what I told in the video, because we have worked on the same article that you are reading right now on this page, and we have also While writing the post covered “Keyword Density, Prominence & Proximity”. The next part of this series is   “Density, Prominence and Proximity”   which are now very important in SEO in a day.

over to you: 

Don’t just watch the tutorials and read the articles, but apply them to get results and to be more consistent in your SEO tasks, which is why I try to explain them practically on live projects. I want you to learn the right technique and strategy. So go ahead and make your own plan for your website.

If you have got questions related to this tutorial, you can ask using the comment form below. However, try to ask relevant questions from this tutorial or upcoming tutorials in this series. Take care and wish you all the best 

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