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How to Make Money with BuySellAds

How to Make Money with BuySellAds

Do you know how to make money with BuySellAds? BuySellAds gives advertising solutions for publishers and marketers. You can easily know about buysellads earnings. Buysellads marketplace helps publishers and marketers to earn more advertising revenue. Finally you can see the way of buysellads payout.

In my last video series, we   discussed about ” Application for Adsense Account in Urdu “. But there is   another great platform for content creators called “BuySellAds “, which is not designed as Adsense, but is more powerful than Adsense in terms of everything. Adsense is a PPC (pay per click) The ad network that pays publishers when they are clicked by ads, while BuySellAds (BSA) is very different from Adsense. BSA is a direct banner ad network that will allow you to place blank ad space inside your blog / site and whenever an advertiser is willing to display ads on your site, they will directly show their interest on your site from BSA. Will contact for , And then you will accept the advertisement. Ads are displayed for a minimum of 30 days regardless of any clicks or impressions on your site. So here you have an advantage that you will get a sponsor for the whole month, and the payment will be confirmed.

The BSA acts as a gateway between the publisher and the advertiser, you are a publisher who has a website and content to monetize, and an advertiser is looking for a website to offer its advertisement , So the BSA will find advertisers for you and you. Payment should be made on monthly basis. Although, BSA charges some service fee from your earnings, but do not worry, it is very less and less than Google Adsense.

How much can you earn from BuySellAds?

There is no exact figure of earnings with BSA, but it all depends on the traffic you have on your website. And more importantly, if your site is approved by the BSA, because the BSA does not easily accept new websites. So you have to work hard to get approved by Once your site is approved, you can immediately show their ad spots on your site. Typically, a website with 50K monthly impressions earns $ 500 per month from the BSA. So the more visitors, the more you earn.

In addition, the subject of your site also matters in terms of BuySellads earnings. Technology-related subjects receive high-paying advertisements and they make more money than celebrity, sports and other general topics. Make Money Online, SEO, web development and web designing topics are the highest paid for BSA advertisers.

Criteria for obtaining approval from BSA?

You can create your account in BSA without any requirement, but to place BSA advertisements, you must have at least one website approved by them. So to get your site approved, you must first submit it for review. Your website must meet their minimum criteria so that they can be easily approved. And here is the simplest criterion before applying for BSA:

  • Your site should receive 30,000 or more monthly impressions
  • Your site must be in English
  • Your site should have a professional looking design  (very important)
  • Your site must have at least 50 or more posts / articles
  • Your site must be at least 4 months old   (for new site approval)
  • No hacking, no cracking, no pornography, no adult content, no plagiarism

The above points are just before presenting your website for your review. However, you should read their criteria listed on their own website before applying.

Now here is the video tutorial series for this whole process in Urdu language, which I have just made for you. These video tutorials are part of my upcoming ”  4 ways to earn money online in Urdu  ” course, which is on the way and will be released on DVD soon, but you can enjoy the free video here:

Make Money with BuySellAds Videos in Urdu

So after watching the video above, I can hope that you can say, you have understood how BSA basically works. But one thing is sure that if you have got approval from BSA then you can earn more money with it. It is even bigger than Adsense. If you have any questions about this post or would like to add some more tips, please use our comments section.

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