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SEO & amp; Traffic Tools Tutorial

SEO & amp; Traffic Tools Tutorial

Tools sometimes save your time and make things easier for you. I have already published a post about the best SEO tools in Urdu with video tutorials, but I have discovered more great tools which I will explain in details along with video tutorials in Urdu, and thus, today I am going to a website Coming with Called ””  , this website offers many tools for free, and the great thing I’ve noticed is that they provide accuracy. I usually do not believe in the result that many online tools generate, but this tool has really won my heart.

This website actually saves a lot of your time and provides many tools to check things very frequently and easily. Here is a list of the devices that this website is providing for free.

List of SEO and other tools by Moonsy:

  • Domain name checker
  • Domain owner finder
  • Backlink tester
  • Domain authority checker
  • Google Keyword Status Tester
  • Page authority checker
  • Expired Domain Name List (in real time)
  • Dmoz Directory Listing Checker
  • Alexa Rank Checker
  • Page rank checker
  • Yahoo directory checker
  • Link popularity checker
  • Ip checker domain
  • Many more

You will find the above tools by visiting, and each tool is very easy to use and shows you the exact results. So if you want to save your time then you should use this website and tools. There are many tools relevant to search engine optimization.

Now here is the video tutorial in Urdu language which you can watch to learn it practically and I have used some tools for example, however, you can use each of the tools given there according to your needs.

After watching the video above, I hope you have learned about this tool. However, I would recommend you to use this tool regularly to get timely updates about your website.

In the near future, I will be able to update you about more tools that are really accurate in results, as there are many tools that show fake results and new ones believe them, but I always use Google’s tools When I try to compare a tool with, then it always becomes easy to understand.

Now if you have any questions about this tool or anything you want to say about the online tool, do not hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments section, if you know such great free resources That can help the community, so please share them in the comments, so that others can benefit from it.

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